20+ Words of encouragement complied by my friends to share with your little ones throughout their days

Somehow our kids go back to school in less than two short weeks! I know it was YESTERDAY I was sharing with you how emotional I was about Kuy starting kindergarten and now he is starting elementary school! He is now going to the school where I started teaching when I HAD HIM! He is going to school where I cried as I turned in my resignation letter. He is going to school where my friends are just right down the street from our house. He is going to a school I KNOW he will love and where I know he will be so well cared for every single day.

A few months ago, I shared on Instagram about what Russ and I say to our kids every morning before they walk out the door or jump out of the car.

Every morning, it is simple. We look at them and say, “Be sweet and kind.”

This simple little post blew my mind because YOUR comments of what YOU all say to your children was BEAUTIFUL!

I compiled all of these and put them in the same place because if you are anything like me, you need them in one place and reading positive words over and over will also encourage things to say throughout the day or anytime you drop them off–staying with a friend, going to a birthday party, etc.

Words are so powerful. The things they hear before bedtime, before they go to school, these things are what repeat in their little minds over and over. These little things mean so much yet carry so much weight. Just last week, I made a comment in response to a question Kuy had and Cray must’ve overheard it because I asked him a question and he said verbatim what I said to Kuy. It was a totally different situation but I had just said those same words so he said them, too. This happens to me allll the time in positive and negative ways with the kids. Russ and I both acknowledge the power our words have so our goal is to make our words meaningful and to really take time to think before we speak.

So here they are! More than twenty phrases of encouragement from some of my friends over on Instagram–I also linked to their page on Instagram so you can follow them, too!


Goodbye, have a good day, look like Jesus!


“Do good, be good, love you. And sometimes I take a cue from The Blindside and add ‘learn somethin!'”


“I have always said…”have a kind heart, be a friend and I love you!”


“Work better than yesterday and don’t be silly!”


“Well.  Are we being honest? ‘Come on! You are going to be late!’”


“We aren’t going to bite today because we are going to be a good boy!”


“’Be good, be a leader, give mommy a hug!’” and lately, ‘Watch your fingers!'”


“Please obey!”


 “’Do the right thing, even when no one is looking!’ and ‘Today is the first day of the rest of your life!'”


Be it great or be it small, do it well or not at all.”


“We all say together, ‘Today is going to be a great day!'”


“Be kind and loving!”


“’Be sweet and do your best! I love you!’ And at the end of the year, ‘Only 15 more days!'”


“Every night I tell him, ‘Sleep well. Remember that I love you.’ And then I touch his leg with my hand in the ‘I love you sign.'”


“I pray that she would be a blessing to her teachers and friends and that she would know that you are with her and she can talk to you anytime of the day…”


“Be kind, loving and respectful to all your teachers and friends and please take your time on your test DON’T RUSH!”


“Make it awesome!”


“Self-confidence is a CHOICE!”


“Look for ways to bless those around you!”


“I love you, make the right choice!”

I hope these encourage you and make you laugh a little because let’s face it. We all say things we shouldn’t at some point but at the end of the day it’s those things that we say over and over that mean the most. Those phrases that resonate with them. Those phrases that they hear so much you can start and they can finish.

They’re only little for so long and the more we pour into them, the more prayers over them, the more they bloom. The more they impact others. The more they thrive.

May we water our gardens well, friends.

May our words have meaning and our actions stand behind them.

May we all say what we mean and mean what we say.