The excitement in her eyes when I handed her this small little customized flash drive was contagious. Knowing her beautiful day nestled in this tiny wooden frame was just the peace I needed and the gift our Father used to tell so many stories.

I told someone today, the story is what gets me. To capture the wedding of my child’s teacher and the joy in her eyes when she saw her groom for the first time are moments I never want to forget.

And the story never gets old.

Just two weeks ago, I walked in the sweetest little cottage of the most beautiful husband and wife as he doted on her, cared for her, made her a beautiful brunch and just sat next to her adoring her.

And these custom flash drives by USB Memory Direct will fly across the ocean tomorrow to her home place in Germany where her brother will be able to view his sister’s gorgeous images.

The story is what gets me.

The story nestled in the form of images whether it be a wedding day or a simple brunch, the story is what fills the days, glorifies the ordinary, and elevates the mundane.

And the opportunity to share with my friends through a beautiful wooden flash drive makes it that much sweeter.