The past few weeks have been tough for our little town. And in three separate instances as we have talked through situations and heartache, one word has come up…


In three separate instances, with three different people, in three very different conversations, the other person brought up the word family when describing our little town.

And that is exactly what it is.

So when Bre invited me to participate in this Friendsgiving post, I was thrilled because Thanksgiving is so much more to us that spending time with biological family–it is focusing on our friends that are family, as well.

You already know I cannot get enough of this little table in our garden. The summer heat that has lasted until October has nearly killed all of our plants but I have dreamed of this idea since I used jars of zinnias to decorate in a simple, quick way.

I ordered these flameless candles on Amazon and I love that since they are not actual fire, I can surround them with eucalyptus and feel confident that they are safe for children and everyone else. I can also feel safe putting them in the trees in these clearance lanterns from Kirkland’s.

Every night when Russ and I put the children to bed, we light the candles in the living room and the cozy atmosphere it creates truly warms my heart. It sounds so silly but there is something so peaceful about it.

And our friends, they warm our hearts. They are our family. Spending time with them ignites our souls. An evening spent talking and laughing and digging deep into our thoughts and sharing our hearts…these are the moments that matter. Making time to strengthen those relationships carry your soul through the dark days and the simple days.

One of my favorite authors and speakers lately is Rebekah Lyons. Her authenticity that shines through the screen is inspiring and encouraging. Last year, she shared some ideas for a Friendsgiving and I immediately signed up. These place cards she shared were just gorgeous and perfect for the way I wanted our friends and family to feel–focused on the true source of Peace and the power that His words leave.

I just keep going back to the things that ignite our souls. Last year, when we shared a series on intentionality, I was knee deep in one of the busiest seasons in our lives. I had just started teaching dance and was still doing just as much photography. This year, with weddings in the fall and winter, I have scaled back and intentionally planned my weekends to be able to focus on our friends and family. Because I could tell–I missed it. And now having a space separate from home to work has allowed me to be fully present at home instead of trying to sneak in one or two more edits.

This season has been so sweet and Jesus is just so kind.

And these place cards reminders fully represented what we wanted for our friends. Grace, encouragement, love.

The rest of our friends today have amazingly, beautiful tables that are inviting and stunning. Be sure to visit them and let them inspire you for this year, as well!

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