“May’s having a wedding!” her daddy exclaimed at the reception as 600+ people filled the Fountain Inn Activity Center Saturday night.

And that she did.

The whole town came. People flew in from all over the country to celebrate this beautiful girl in her mother’s ivory wedding dress laced with the most gorgeous beaded detail and her handsome groom in his sharp black tuxedo.

The whole town of Fountain Inn showed up at midnight Friday night to help make it happen.

The whole town loves their little girl and it showed.

Every smile.

Every detail.

Every single moment of that day were filled with JOY.

The sparkling eyes.

The sincerest smiles.

The tears that flowed between family members.

JOY was evident in every conversation, every word, every gesture.

Mary-Langston and John, YOU two are special. You are loved. You are set apart.

The love that exudes from the two of you with every single person you meet and know and cherish, it is awe-inspiring. It draws others near and makes them want to linger in your presence.

And that is because of the time spent in His presence.

Your love, so deeply rooted in faith, so humble and kind.

May God continue to bless you more than you ever imagined.