I met Caroline in college. We became fast friends and when we began living together my junior and senior year, as if I already did not love her enough, I fell even harder.

Her patience. Her talents…I mean y’all, she MADE her bed skirt IN COLLEGE. Her love for natural peanut butter. Her love for fitness, running and just taking care of every single detail. She inspired me to just be better.

And she met her husband, Nick, LONG before those college years.

High school sweethearts, these two were created for each other.

Their love for each other, their love for so many others. Their drive to pursue their passions and do them WELL.

These traits are what make them unique. They make them lovable. They make them some of the very best friends.

I will never forget the night Martha was born. In fact, we were all together, standing there taking a group picture and her WATER BROKE! They left immediately, but in true Nick and Caroline fashion, they didn’t go to the hospital, instead they went home to shower and get their bags packed.

They made it just in time, of course, and Martha was born early the next morning.

Soon after Martha was born, came sweet Frances just a few years later, and now their newest addition, Mac!

Mac, named after a family friend that was like a grandfather to his daddy, Nick. William from Nick’s late father that met Jesus just a couple of years ago.

With two ADORING sisters who were the VERY best helpers and took pictures right alongside me.

Friends, I am so grateful for you. Thank you for sharing your sweet, sweet family with me.