For months, we had all been anticipating the birth of this sweet girl.

The Craft family, photography legends, and the Drennons, known for their unending support in their community — both families with lives of impact on their respective communities waiting for the birth of this precious gift.

So, as you can imagine even at 2:35 AM last Friday morning, when Elsie Grey made her appearance, there was a waiting room full of expectant, excited grandparents!

And when she arrived, her mommy with such bravery and strength, welcomed her with open arms. This moment, in a room filled with His presence, true evidence of His kindness, just like her daddy said. The miracle of birth one that brings such joy. And just as her daddy whispered as He stared at her, “How can you not believe after witnessing that?”

Elsie Grey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, as the nurses delightfully squealed as you made your entrance. You are so, so loved.