Some of the very best things happen by complete accident around our house.

And that’s exactly how this room came to happen!

When we first moved in, we tried making this a “study” for Russ. We tried styling it so many different ways with thrifted things and items we were not using around the house but nothing looked right! Then, when I quit teaching to work from home full time, it became my office and it was so fun to style. It even had a couple of different looks, too! But since we’ve moved to the new studio, it has been a little bit of an awkward space. AGAIN.

One night, impromptu, we set up our projector, took down my gallery wall, and the kids watched a movie with a bunch of pillows on the floor since there has not been any furniture in there and the movie played on the white wall like a “big screen.”

This happened a few more times after that and our kids quickly deemed it the movie room.

For Christmas, Kuy received a gaming system and we thought this would be the perfect place for the kids to play yet still be downstairs!

Since they love to lay on the floor, we knew one element that would be so important to this room would be the rug.

Thankfully, we have an amazing store, Orian Rugs right here in our hometown that has beautiful rugs! Orian is one of just A FEW American weavers — and they are located in Anderson, SC! Their company supports close to 500 local families and as a former public school teacher, and the wife of a current public school teacher, this impact on our own community is just incredible.

Callie and I love to stop in there and browse. Their team members are always so helpful and I can ask them all of my 1,000 questions before I actually make a purchase. Russ gives me the hardest time because he says I take forever to decide on something but especially, with large purchases, it is important we make a good, sound decision! Just recently, when we decorated the studio, I went to Orian Rugs and walked around and touched and stared. There is just something about being able to lay your hands on the rug and this meant so much to us.

When we needed a new rug in our bedroom, I knew how well our office rug had held up and I went right back to Orian Rugs. And Callie was thrilled because she loves stopping in as much as I do! They have a little playhouse in the corner, complete with a doorbell, and she thinks it is the most fun!

(Of course when I’m taking pictures this is what happens and she has on her brother’s shirt!) 

So there was not a doubt in my mind where I would go for a rug that would stand up to foot traffic, popcorn, two cats, a dog and BOYS.

Every time I vacuum my bedroom and office rug I’m amazed at how quickly it looks brand new again!

This one, the Renton Natural, is the one we chose for our “movie room” and it is no different. It holds up to everything. These styles of rugs are 100% polypropylene rugs which mean they are EXTREMELY durable! It can be an indoor or outdoor rug – HUGE in our book, and they’re stain resistant, non-fading and easy-to-clean.

For example, when the delivery guys dropped off our sectional, it was raining and leaves and dirt were everywhere from their boots! After they left, I vacuumed and just like that, it looked brand new again!

Even better. They are affordable. You know how important that aspect is to us.

Durable, affordable and beautiful.

Exactly what we envision for our spaces that we design with intentionality in mind.

I know not all of you live near me and that is one of the neatest things about this incredible space! Thankfully, Orian sells with your favorite online retailers, like Walmart, Amazon and Wayfair!!

On their blog, you will find so many details about their rugs, the details quality and so many aspects that make them stand out, just like ours. The best part? Their people are TOP NOTCH. When I began working with their team, it started with a phone call and that meant the WORLD to me! And I know it means a lot to you, too.

This rug we chose would fit so many different spaces. The neutrality of it, the color, the design. So many aspects that we absolutely love!