When Sarah reached out with the idea of setting up a little bakery for her SWEET BAKER, I was so excited to see what she had in store! She is so creative and thoughtful! You may remember Baker’s nursery and how every detail was covered in thought, passion and love! And you may remember Baker meeting her sweet big brother for the first time and how then, too, even right after labor–their mom had thought of EVERYTHING!

So when she told me to meet her at her mother-in-law’s house on the lake, you know with my love of all things home, I was quickly becoming more and more expectant and excited!

And this white island did NOT disappoint. And neither did the cutest little chef I ever did see! From her mixer to her baking supplies to her utensils to her CAKE!

Every detail.

Every tiny speck of flour.

Every bow tied perfectly.

I MEAN! Can you even, friends!?!

Oh, Baker, how on earth are you already one!?!

Happy birthday, sweet girl!  You are so loved!