I will never ever get over walking into your homes and seeing pictures God allowed me to capture for your family hanging on your walls. Every single time it happens, I walk around in awe. I walk around your home and I stand there totally stunned that this gets to be how I spend my days. I told Anna this morning, I don’t think there will ever be a time when I don’t get teary. And I am NOT a crier!

So walking into the Artmans’ home this morning to capture Edison, their newest addition with the newborn and three years worth of pictures of big brother Nolan hanging on the wall still leaves me breathless. Completely taken away by God’s goodness.

Nolan showed me all his trains, his favorite Grave Digger and laughed and laughed (even on cue!). His smile is so infectious and knowing that he and his brother will grow up as very best friends is the essence of every dream come true for this sweet family.

Oh, Anna and Will, how grateful I am for your lives and the chance to document so many moments for you. I absolutely adore you!