They made the drive from Iva, SC to Charleston, SC with their first born. The car was packed, the dorm room perfectly designed, ready for a new adventure.

Yet, as they arrived in Charleston, they pulled up ready to move their little girl into her dorm room only to learn they would literally drop her and her stuff off on the sidewalk, say goodbye and head back to Iva. As Carmen described those emotions to me, I got choked up, too! This was our sweet Alexis. Sweet Alexis that came to me as a young seventh grader that I talked into cheering on the Varsity team. Her gymnast skills set her far and above her age and her work ethic that mature, as well.

That work ethic is what has pushed her to be her very best even if she was all alone four hours away from home.

That work ethic that landed her an internship, a job coaching gymnastics, and an opportunity for a job right after college.

That work ethic set her apart and left a mark on my heart I will not soon forget.

Walking around Charleston that Saturday night with their entire family, laughing, reminiscing and learning about her life since cheer (NINE years ago!) was a gift. It was the refreshment my soul needed and the begin to this new season of continued social distancing that my heart craved.

Hambys, we adore you and we love you. Thank you SO much for this beautiful opportunity!