Oh, friends, how I have missed this space. Every e-mail I send to my dancers, I tell them how I miss them. I think missing my people throughout this time has been the hardest. Slowly, things are getting back to “normal” but I am also wanting to hold onto this slow time together before hectic creeps back in…

With all that is swirling around in the media it has been hard to focus on anything other than our people…and that, well, it is by far the most important. This moment in time where life has been frozen has been a blessing in many ways to so many, as well. There has been hard for everyone and there have been tiny gifts along the way for everyone.

For me, when I feel my thoughts start spinning, I think of what my friend (let’s be honest, I don’t really know, I just really love her books and her heart so I feel like we should be friends. ;)), Sara Hagerty says, “Just Adore.” In fact, she wrote an entire book about adoration and when we turn our thoughts back to His goodness, His faithfulness and meditate there, our priorities shift back to the proper order.

So it may seem trivial to share a drink with you today (I mean who am I sharing a drink!?) but I thought it’d be a fun way to slide back into the blogging thing as I have snuck some sessions in, too.

Wednesday, Russ and I went to Aldi and I told him I had an idea for a super simple drink (imagine that-super simple! Haha!). And sure enough, it worked. Kuy even loved it!

I bought this lemon tea from Aldi.

Next, I came home and followed the instructions. Added some cut strawberries. Then, a snip of peppermint from my garden, some sugar around the rim and THAT IS IT. Literally!

I could not believe a) that it worked and b) that it was good!

This could EASILY be made a cocktail but it is also good as a simple summer beverage!

I feel like the last image really summarizes this time we have had together–never dressed all “cute” and put together but always messy hair, a bathing suit or play clothes she picked out herself.

May you enjoy the slow days of summer and treasure this time together. I saw Emily Lex post something yesterday about one of her boys being “in between” little boy and man and it reminded me to treasure this time of pillow forts, baseball games, and Legos everywhere. May we love well and share kindness with everyone. So thankful for you, friends.

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