A central part of their lives since as long as they can remember.

And when Tate met Jesus it became even more apparent that adoration is what would sustain them.

Then, when Brinkley met Jesus just a few short years later. Adoration is what lifted them up. What led them to Him every single day.

Adoring the One who is the Ultimate Creator. The Ultimate Healer. A true Miracle Worker.

And sunflowers? They symbolize adoration. The meaning stemming from the actual name – the sun. The sun that God created first that we would have Light. And that His light would shine for eternity. And if you have the privelege of knowing the Kirbys, you know THEY are a Light for Him. In every step of their journey they have pointed others back to Him. In fact, in my devotion just this morning it said, “Who do you know that exudes this joy?” And my first thought was Whitney. Her contagious smile and beautiful laugh that reminds us of PURE joy. Pure, simple joy that comes from being rooted in Him. 

The Son. Because they absolutely adore Him and they will continue to with every single breath they take.

This time treasured together in the sunflowers as Charlie made us laugh and Hudson so loving, as always, was the perfect way to capture this new life growing in Whitney’s belly. This new life created so perfectly by Our Creator. The sustainer of Life.

And as I type these words the most gorgeous butterfly just landed right beside me. It is huge and it is sitting there for me to see its beauty. Not moving, taking its time and just showing off. And I think that is how our God is. He is not going anywhere. He wants us to praise Him. To Adore Him. Just that little nod from Him that He is always with us. Always sustainer. Always generous.

Always life-giving.

“Since before our lungs first heaved, He watched us. ‘My frame was not hidden from You, when I was made in secret, and skillfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth,‘ Psalm 139:5″

Sara Hagerty, Adore