April Round Up!

Hello! I’ve never done this before but as I’m still having some technical difficulties, I thought it’d be fun to do a little monthly round up because April has been a BUSY month for us and this little blog of ours! If you’re new here, I’d love it if you subscribed on the right hand […]

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The Pallet Sofa

Let me start by apologizing for finally getting into the swing of things with blogging then only posting twice this week! I truly forgot how much work goes into planning a first birthday (the real reason why we changed our One Room Challenge to the deck) and I can’t wait to share those details. We […]


DIY Two-Toned Planter

You know how much I like cheap  thrift items! Well, one of my second favorite things to hunt for is stuff I already have around my house! This poor planter was at our old house holding a dead plant. I brought it over to our new house and considered painting it black. A better idea […]

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The Paci Parallel

Today, we took Kuy to Build-a-Bear to give up his pacis. This was a huge deal. Yep, we were those parents that let our almost three year old still have pacis but only in his bed, I promise. You see, six months ago, he gave them up for good. It was easy. No big deal at all. […]


Liebster Award and Nominees

I was SHOCKED, OVERJOYED, and completely humbled to be nominated for this award! Thank you to one of my favorite DIY couples over at DIY Passion and for a blog I just discovered that is precious, Designing Dee for this nomination!! I was seriously over the moon to be nominated. But, go check them out, along with […]