Bathroom Bar Cart

I found this bar cart months ago and for some reason, my bathroom, not the kitchen or dining room, immediately came to my mind. Soon, I will do a full bathroom update but here is what our bathroom looked like BEFORE: Yeah, pretty bad. You see, our house sat empty for three years and there was a […]


The Thing About Facebook

…is that it’s not all bad. It’s really not. I have learned about numerous life changing events because of Facebook. I have learned of prayer requests, spoken and unspoken. I have learned of births, deaths, sicknesses, praise reports, and even devotionals. Heck, I even learned about the earthquake here in SC because of Facebook. But I’ve […]


Our Little Love Story

I’m not the mushy, sappy type as in Russ and I have not one thing for each other for this Valentine’s Day BUT I thought I’d share two pictures from our little love story and what happened from my point of view because I am kind of crazy about him… and apparently, have been since […]

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Stuck and Still Here

So not that you really cared but I didn’t fall off the face of the Earth. It’s just basketball season and last week was no media week (see below) so this is kind of random thoughts post. I’ll understand if you stop reading now. I’m kind of stuck between this feeling of a serious change […]

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The Refrigerator

Once upon a time, my fabulous in-laws offered us their refrigerator. Unfortunately, it was cream (I literally cannot find my before picture!). No big deal but next to white, I wasn’t thrilled. Russ was totally against it and convinced we should buy one. And then, our savings and money slowly started disappearing into this dream […]


Tithes and Offerings

Y’all. There are not even words. I’m telling you this because my sweet friend, Amber , said, “You’ve got to blog about that!” when I told her. This month has been tighhhhhhhttttt. We’ve managed and worked through it and had some small, unexpected blessings but we still had two days until pay day and I […]

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Christmas Decor, Somewhat

Remember, when I said I felt like things were changing? They are. Everywhere. But not just within me, around us. Everything changes. Daily. People change. Daily.  Embracing the imperfectionism that I see and loving it is what makes this Christmas so special. My house isn’t perfect, not even close and my house isn’t exactly what […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 30, 2013 That 31 Days Challenge is what I’m blaming for my lack of blogging just because I have to place blame somewhere. I ran out of things to say or stopped having thoughts that I wanted to put into writing (I can’t decide…it’s not that I think I have anything important to say, […]