Tinley Ann | Arrival

This sweet baby girl made her debut late Friday night on her due date after her family and friends waited patiently for her all day. And as soon as this beauty entered the world, emotions soared. Pure joy, the blissfulness of that first cry and the excitement of holding her for the very first time. […]


Sumter Lane Cothran | Fresh 48

Sumter, because his daddy always liked that name. Lane, because of Caleigh’s grandfather. Who, when he walked into the room, found out his name, held his namesake and looked up with a tear rolling down his cheek. Cherished. Loved. Determined. Sumter Lane entered this world within MINUTES of Caleigh arriving at the hospital. And his […]

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Avery | Senior

Every year that I taught school, I was amazed at how God had woven these exact threads together to form the family within my classroom. The family that extended beyond the walls of the classroom. You see, the second year I taught, I was moved from third grade to fourth grade and I had the […]

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How Did We Know?

This post is way past due. But there were so many things that Cray did that were a little bit “different” than Kuy. In fact, I distinctly remember the year he was about to turn two and I was standing at my computer googling it when the special education teacher walked in. And then, I […]