Around the House

Simple Nursery Update

This is a simple, simple, simple nursery update. Poor Cray, I actually love his room but it cost somewhere around $20…and that’s being generous. I seriously had planned to use Kuy’s bedding because I LOVED it. But in our yellow house, their new rooms are side by side, so I wanted them to have some […]


Bathroom Bar Cart

I found this bar cart months ago and for some reason, my bathroom, not the kitchen or dining room, immediately came to my mind. Soon, I will do a full bathroom update but here is what our bathroom looked like BEFORE: Yeah, pretty bad. You see, our house sat empty for three years and there was a […]


The Refrigerator

Once upon a time, my fabulous in-laws offered us their refrigerator. Unfortunately, it was cream (I literally cannot find my before picture!). No big deal but next to white, I wasn’t thrilled. Russ was totally against it and convinced we should buy one. And then, our savings and money slowly started disappearing into this dream […]


Tearing Down Walls and Kitchen Updates

September 2, 2013 This post should have had about twelve titles…Why We Chose Laminate Countertops, Destruction, We Never Thought We’d Have Laminate Countertops, Updates,…you get the picture. When we originally wanted the yellow house, I knew I wanted to gut the kitchen…well, because there wasn’t much of a kitchen anyway. One of the reasons I […]

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