Tithes and Offerings

Y’all. There are not even words. I’m telling you this because my sweet friend, Amber , said, “You’ve got to blog about that!” when I told her. This month has been tighhhhhhhttttt. We’ve managed and worked through it and had some small, unexpected blessings but we still had two days until pay day and I […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 30, 2013 That 31 Days Challenge is what I’m blaming for my lack of blogging just because I have to place blame somewhere. I ran out of things to say or stopped having thoughts that I wanted to put into writing (I can’t decide…it’s not that I think I have anything important to say, […]


The Black Hood

November 27, 2013 It’s the thing that bothers me. The thing that takes my focus off of the beautiful tree outside my window. The birds that gather outside. The sunlight that hits at just the right angle. My ugly black hood that just takes the place of something until we get what we want. But […]

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November 8, 2013 This week brought some tough thoughts for me. For my family. None of which were life changing, thank goodness, but enough that got me to really, really thinking. Can you feel God working? Sometimes, I feel like He’s right there. Other times, not so much. But I know VERY well. That means I’ve […]

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Weekend Wonders {2}

October 20, 2013 Things that moved and stirred my heart this weekend… An amazing financial blessing on Friday… Family… Soup…. (Namommy kept the boys so we could enjoy the fellowship AND made us soup!) Another friend that called us to offer something we have been praying about for our boys…. Walks to church… Walks to CVS….and […]

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Pretend I posted this last night, okay? For Day 16, here’s a free printable. This is the verse when things get hard and overwhelming because no matter where we are in life, I stop and look around and realize….God brought me here. This far. With this family. With these children. With this husband. There are […]

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Weekend Wonders {1}

October 13, 2013 The small, simple wonders that moved me this weekend… This sunrise that allowed us ( us as in my fabulous sister-in-law) to capture this face. This guy that took a FOUR hour nap today so I finally felt like I got something accomplished! Oh yeah, he had to sleep in that hoodie with it over […]

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I Thought It Would Be Harder

September 16, 2013 I thought it would be harder. I thought I would miss the old house more. But already, I love this house. I love the openness. I loved on moving day that everyone stood around and was eating and talking at the bar. I love looking out the window and seeing Kuy play […]

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My Plans

September 12, 2013 In case you’re wondering, I won the Mother of the Year award, last night. Cray had a fever after spending two days with Kuy with the same fever, Kuy had just woken up from a five hour nap (yes, you read that right), and supper needed to be made. I won the award for my […]

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