This is About My Coach

The problem is that I am crazy about him. Except it’s not a problem. When God created Russ Tysl, He knew he would need to put up with me. He knew the qualities He knit together were that of patience (well, most of the time), goodness, kindness and humor. He knew when He gave Russ […]


Wood Watches: JORD

So for about oh, I don’t know THIRTY years, I have been late. I know. Go ahead. I’m impolite. I’m rude. I think my time is better than others. Blah, blah, blah. THAT is NOT it! The truth of the matter is that I THINK, always, literally every single day, I have MORE time than […]


My Mom

I did not know I had a story. Seriously. You see, during some of my college years, I competed in pageants. And EVERYONE there had a story. Awful stories, heart-warming stories, stories of adversity. Me? I had to wear a hip brace when I was younger but still, no big deal. I always thought I […]

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