I had no idea what God had in store when I turned in my letter of resignation after teaching elementary school for nine years. And whether that looks like staying the course and digging in or stepping outside of your comfort zone into all that He has planned, I dream of fellowship with you and the privilege of helping you capture all you envision.

This little camera?

I didn’t know dreams could be so big.

So April 5, I want to open my doors to YOU.

I want to join you in this journey as you discover all that can lie within the power of that tiny click.


The smiles. The joy. The raw emotion that comes forth only by the grace that lies within us.


Will you join me? And declare that now is the time.


Together, we will laugh, learn, and share as we journey together on this little path called life.

Here's what will happen:

Join us for a day of learning.

To have a front row seat to your journey. To become your cheerleader. THAT is my dream because so many before me have given me that opportunity. YOU WILL flourish in all that you were created to do.

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